Snow and Protest… And More Snow!

November 19, 2011 / Events, Inspirations /

So this weekend marks the first snowfall (when it actually sticks) this year and it is really coming down. I love Spokane when the snow falls. For one it is extremely beautiful, and two it kind of brightens up the town, especially with our days being so shortened. It gets dark around 4pm now, so a little white stuff is much needed to brighten it up.

Another reason I am liking the snow this year is that I live downtown, which means I don’t have to drive in it. I just got a parking spot in the newly renovated City Ramp Parking Garage and I think my car is starting to love me now that I got her a cozy new home. I had an amazing day walking around in our beautiful little town, shopping, coffee, public market, and more shopping.

On my walk through downtown I came across a very alive protest in front of the Bank of America building. Protesters young and old were chanting against major bank corporations downtown. We all know now about the 99% movement going on right now, more so in bigger cities, but it is nice seeing our little town taking part. I have never been the protest type, but that might just be my upbringing. I do believe in refusing to succumb to the poverty epidemic in America. Which will continue to get worse if we don’t stand up. We do still have more freedom than many places in the world and I believe we have the choice to make our lives better by choosing to be better people and supporting the places that need our support even if it costs more or even too far out of our way. I always felt like there was more passion in America back in the 70’s. With Vietnam and all of the protests and inequality in our country at the time it makes sense. This protest includes all of us and should be supported, but I feel like it should have happened a lot sooner. Corporations don’t own us, because we do have our freedom. If we decide to cut back on our spending and consumption, we can change this. To be rich to me means to have healthy relationships and family. Not all of us are as fortunate as the next, but we do have each other. My way of protest is not to hold a sign, but to love the people that matter around me in hopes that it spreads like a disease. There are bigger things that we may not have control over and the protests may be heard, but love is the greatest protest of them all. I support this movement wholeheartedly and hope it turns our country around. We all can play a part in this even if you are not the protesting type.

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday/snowboard season! I know I will.