Discovery Day

October 12, 2011 / Events, Inspirations /

Today I had the pleasure of teaching the wonderful world of graphic design to the kids of Glover Middle School. Middle school is an odd age and time in a persons life if I remember correctly. I was asked to be a guest speaker for four sessions at career day. I unknowingly was filling in for the video game designer they had speak for like three of the last career day years. And I quickly found out that indeed my category was “Video game developer/Web developer”.

But of course I didn’t panic and I stayed on course with my presentation, of course relating almost everything I said to gaming, since all of the kids there just wanted to watch a video game demonstration. The results were pretty successful. Many of the kids were very cooperative and also showed some young talent when we did the “create your own logo” project.

One thing that really scares me is that most of their favorite games involved blood, gore, killing and war. I guess our military funded video game project is really paying off getting future troops excited and ready for war.

But on a positive note, it is always refreshing to see where our ambitions and successes all started. In the classroom, totally confused, yet full of life and possibility.